Payment policies:

  • Payments are due 60 days upon receipt of the invoice (unless it was negotiated otherwise with the client)
  • Returning clients DO NOT need to pay advances
  • Agencies DO NOT need to pay advances
  • NEW, individual clients will be required to pay an advance of 50% of the agreed fee

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Rates and Payment

Rates show in here are negotiable on a case by case basis, if you have any question please contact me at 832-265-0456.

Simultaneous Interpretation90 usd / hour - Two hours minimum
Consecutive Interpretation85 usd / hour - Two hours minimum
Document Translation17 cts per source word
Document Editing5 cts per source word
Telephonic Interpretation1.5 usd / minute (15 usd minimum)
Certification of translation 50 usd
Birth, marriage, divorce certificates, diplomas, transcriptsAverage of 50 usd per page (confirmation upon review of  thedocuments)

Elena Vega 

Translator / Interpreter

​Spanish <> English